/sapdb on a smb mounted share?

Dale Wilson Dale.Wilson at axonglobal.com
Mon Aug 1 02:26:00 MET DST 2005

You can use the loop back device to mount a disk image stored on the
Windows box. Create a file on the Windows box that is the size of the
partition on which you want to store /sapdb. Mount a share that contains
the file onto the Linux server. Use losetup to map the file to a device
using losetup. Then format the device using your preferred file system.
Unassign the loop back device and mount using the loop option (mount -o
loop /windows/sapdb_image /sapdb, for example). This will be slow, but
should work.

Mount a share from the Windows box under /windows
dd if=/dev/zero of=/windows/sapdb_image bs=1M count=20480 (it would be
quicker to create the file using Windows rather, if you happen to have a
dd type tool handy)
losetup /dev/loop0 /windows/sapdb_image
mkfs.reiserfs /dev/loop0 (or mkfs.ext3 if you prefer)
losetup -d /dev/loop0
mount -o loop /windows/sapdb_image /sapdb

Or something like that

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I have the DVD SAP NetWeaver 04 Testdrive SR1 (SAP Web Application
Server on Linux.

I read on install.html that /sapdb requires about 11
Gb of diskspace but unfortunately none of my local
disk partitions are big enough.

My Fredora Core 4 PC is networked to a Windows XP
machine which is sharing a 40 GB partition. I thought
about mounting this on /sapdb as a solution to my
problem, but if I remember correctly, symlinks are not
symlinks on this type of partition.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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