AW: Developer License for New Client

Markus Lahr markus.lahr at
Wed Apr 27 16:12:36 MET DST 2005

Hi all.
> have installed NW4 on Linux.  I created a new client
> (200) 
in order to use BW, and am able to use it with a
> new user that I creat
ed.  However, in that client I am
> unable to create any stand-alone ABA
P modules.  I am
> prompted for a developer key.
 ..or try to copy from
 the client 'developer' somewhere in Administration-user...  So that the 
new user has also the right to develop.  
> Can I use the DEVELOPER logo
n in client 200?  Or can I
Yes, that's possible. And don't forget to log
on in 000 as developer to assign a 'logical system name' (TA SALE)
c settings - .... And you need a line like 'login/system_client=200' in D
I succeeded with these settings (but other parameters..)

Best greets M.L. 

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