Login error for NW04 TestDrive on Fedora 2

Thomas Madsen Nielsen tmn at tmnielsen.dk
Tue Apr 26 17:22:56 MET DST 2005

Hello BZ

You have a problem in your network setup on your server. 

You probably run server and gui on the same PC and belive that network is not an issue - but it is. I don't know the solution for Linux servers, but I read other postings about the same problem on windows testdrives. On windows the solution is to install "MS Loopback Adapter" - I don't know exactly what that is but the "MS" indicates that the solution is probably not for Linux.

Or - you have the same problem I had earlier - simply a network setup error. Check you hosts file.

After i fixed the error my hostfile contained 3 lines: localhost mail mail.sapwebs.dk nw4host

My hostname is mail
My domain is sapwebs.dk is my servers IP in my local network

The last line in my hosts file was automatic created when I installed the NW4 testdrive - I don't know exactly what it's for. After i fixed the error i had an other error when I try to deply webdynpro application from Sap Netweaver Developer Studio and a frined of mine discovered that a change of the last line fixed the problem.

So today my hosts file containes these 3 lines: localhost mail mail.sapwebs.dk nw4host

I hope some of this info is usefull to you.

Best regards
Thomas Madsen Nielsen
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  I have been successfully install NW04 TestDrive on Fedora 2. Now I had a problem when I try to login to SAP via SAP Gui for Java. I got an error message instead of the login screen:

  Invalid call of database interface

  Error analysis
  In a statement an invalid request was made to the database interface when accessing table "DOKTL" ...

  Is there anyone can tell me what cause this problem? I can start the system successfully by nw4adm.



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