Web SQL Studio on NW4

Thorsten Kugelberg thorsten.kugelberg at sap.com
Tue Apr 5 10:27:22 MET DST 2005


Jerry wrote:

>I am trying to use Web SQL Studio on NW4 Test Drive. 
>Using the url "http://localhost:9999/websql", I get
>the following error below.
Which version of the Web Interface are you using? Since you have a MaxDB 
7.5 with NW4 please make sure you also use the current version from 
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/maxdb/7.5.00.html .

>Has anyone successfully gotten Web SQL Studio to work?
> If so, I would love to know how.
Yes, just tested it...
Please also make sure to use the right user: "sapnw4" with password "sap".

>ODBC-Error: [MySQL MaxDB][LIBSQLOD SO][MaxDB] Unable
>to connect to data source;-709 CONNECT: (database not
>running: no request pipe) return-code: SQL_ERROR
Actually this sounds like your database is not started.

     Thorsten Kugelberg

Realtech System Consulting @ SAP Linux Lab

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