Linux and VMWare for a PRODUCTIVE environment

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Hi Markus,

I found SAP note 171380-Linux Released IBM hardware :
     The basic models listed below were successfully tested for use with SAP
     software in the LinuxLab and were released for practical operation:
     - eserver xSeries x445 VMware ESX Server 2.1
and from VMWare:
	VMware ESX Server runs directly on your system hardware to provide a secure, 
	uniform platform for easily deploying, managing, and remotely controlling multiple operating systems. 
I'm not sure than Windows layer exists in this configuration.

The solution with zLinux is considered before. In this case, z/OS and DB2 are required for database part,
but we prefer a full linux solution. 

Any others advise are welcome.

Best regards,


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> <quote>
> SAP does NOT support the production operation of SAP systems 
> based on the Windows platform. The reason for this, among 
> other things, is that Microsoft itself does NOT support the 
> use of VMWare for MS products. If you still want to use 
> VMWare in production operation, and you require some support, 
> you must give SAP employees access to a system on which 
> VMWare is not operated, but on which the error can 
> nevertheless be reproduced.
> </quote>
> I believe the same is true for Windows.

I of couse mean "the same is true for Linux" because vmware is using binary
only kernel modules and there's additional note about usage of binary
modules on boxes that run SAP: 784391.


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