SAP WAS testdrive on Suse 9.1: no start profiles found

Fabrizio Muscarella linux at
Tue Oct 12 10:24:48 MET DST 2004

Hi Daniel,

The install script configures an alias for your network card called
nw4host. The 'startsap' check if the IP address used for nw4host is
currently configured. In 'startsap' , ifconfig is called and the output
parsed to find out if the address associated with nw4host is present.

Just ping nw4host to check if this is configured. If not, you can
configure it just using the address used in /etc/hosts for nw4host
typing 'ifconfig eth0:0 <ip-address-used-in-/etc/hosts>'.

Then this network alias should be configured by the startup of your SuSE
9.1. Since the 9.1 version SuSE doesn't use the same startup
configuration for aliases ( ;-(| ) as in the precedents versions. 

In the directory '/etc/sysconfig/network/' you will find a script called
'./ifcfg-eth0:0'. This script contain the configuration of your network
alias. Normally look like this:

IPADDR=''   <same as /etc/hosts used for nw4host>

The new SuSE configuration doesn't look anymore for the eth0:0 but you
have to configure this in the script, in  the same directory, called 
./ifcfg-eth-id-<xx>:<xx>:<xx>:<xx>:<xx>:<xx> where <xx> represent the
HWaddr. In this script you can add the following lines :

IPADDR_0='' <same as /etc/hosts used for nw4host>

then save it and just restart your network ( typing 'rcnetwork
restart'). then you should see in the output of ifconfig a new interface
eth0:0 using the address . After this step the interface eth0:0 should
exist too after a eventually restart of the machine. Normally now you
should be able to start the the SAP system.

If hope this will help you,

Best Regards,

Fabrizio Muscarella SAP LinuxLab

Am Do, den 07.10.2004 schrieb Daniel Naus um 19:19:
> Hello,
> I installed the latest WebAS linux testdrive on Suse 9.1, released on 
> last month. Installation went smoothly without any errors. 
> However, when I try to log in using nw4adm and start the WebAS by "startsap 
> nw4host", I get::
> "no start profiles found"
> I checked and the SAPSYSTEMNAME variable is set (NW4) and the start profiles 
> seem to be present (/usr/sap/NW4/SYS/profile).
> Can anyone help?
> Thank you,
> Daniel
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