Silly Guptar answers his own question of dbmcli adding space

Guptar(Yahoo) rama_guptar at
Thu Feb 26 23:26:30 MET 2004

I look through the documentation from the SAPdb separate disk.
Documentation sais is for v7.3. with -v command in dbmcli says is same
Anyway it was not much helpful.  I also notice something interesting - the
command I haves problem with - "db_adddevice" is not mentioned.
"db_adddevspace" is and is taking similar parameter, but dbmcli says is not
valid command.  Is print mistake in documetations or am I get confussed?

So why was problem?  I had create data4 subdirectory of /usr/sap/WAS when i
was root, before do the su -wasadm!  wasadm have not authority to write in
this directory!

Anyway I waste some time, but I learn some and I hope at least I save time
of others who can have this same problem.  Goodnight to all.

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