Problem with dbmcli and mySAP WAS Test drive

Guptar(Yahoo) rama_guptar at
Thu Feb 26 17:32:09 MET 2004

I have install the SAP system from the CD (with sapdb), and i trying too
increasse dattabase size like in tips here -

"Add another Devspace to your database. As an example you can increase the
size of the database by 1 GB (which is also the amount of free space the
transaction SGEN may consume):

  a.. mkdir /usr/sap/WAS/data4

  b.. dbmcli -u control,control -d WAS db_adddevice DATA
/usr/sap/WAS/data4/DISKD0004 F 128000"
this is not working; he said
-24988,ERR_SQL: sql error
-914,New DEVSPACE not accessible,Error during touch"

Please help me as I am needing this to do a study!!!!  I know system is
unusable in this state as the SGEN freezed before.  I am looking in the
documentations of sapdb but I am not expert on databases administration and
I hope I do not have to be, i am wanting to play with abaps!!

P.S. I logged in by su - to user wasadm.  But database usersis not same as
linux users, i gess.
I had done startsap, is this correct (before I did this dbmcli was giving
different error like "ERR
-24936,ERR_DBNORUN: database is not running").

any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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