(Upgrade) Installing 46B on database Oracle 8.1.7

Béziat ph.beziat at get-electronique.fr
Mon Feb 23 17:19:42 MET 2004


In my compagny we are planning to upgrade our R/3 46B system to SAP
Entreprise. It's nowadays running on Linux Redhat 6.1 and Oracle 8.0.5 .
We want to migrate to Suse Linux Entreprise Server 8 and also to Oracle
8.1.7 in the first time with R3 46B and kernel 4.6D.
We try to do that upgrade on a test server.

The steps we have made:

1 - Installation SLES8 is OK.
2 - Copy of the database 8.0.5  to the Test server is OK ( R/3 homogeneous
system copy  documentation )
3 - Installation of oracle 8.1.7 is OK. ( Installation Instruction for
oracle 8.1.7 on SLES8 )
4 - Conversion of the data to 8.1.7 is OK ( migrating / upgrading to oracle
Version 8.1.7 documentation )

The database is OK but now ,I don't know how to install R3 46B ( kernel
4.6D ) keeping the data hot packages?

Thanks for you help

Philippe Béziat
Service Informatique

Get Electronique SA

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