sap and fax under linux

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Thu Feb 19 17:21:34 MET 2004

mgetty also handles fax/voice 
efax is loosely like "print to fax"

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According to a colleague of mine, hylafax should be able to communicate with SAP R/3 via SMTP.
Additionally, you can connect an arbitrary amount of modem and isdn devices to your linux box.
As another division in our company has already implemented a message routing server, our efforts to use hylafax were cancelled.
But perhaps you can find information about SAP <-> Hylafax solutions in google.
Best Regards
Stefan Schindewolf
Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

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does anyone have a solution, to send a fax from sap with a opensource fax-utility, running on linux ? 

thanks a lot, 

Stefan Köhne 

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