AW: Opensource fax solution with SAP

gerhard.brehm at gerhard.brehm at
Thu Feb 19 12:14:08 MET 2004


>>> does anyone have a solution, to send a fax from sap with a opensource =
fax-utility, running on linux ?

As far as i know, there is no certified open source fax solution for use
with SAP, more worse
even a commercial one may be not available on linux

It depends on your demands, whether you can use a open source solution and
be happy with it :

if you only need to send faxes from SAP with no need for success control or
to receive faxes
in SAP you might be able to use hylafax open source software via a special
postscript printer driver derived
from the SAP standard postscript driver.

Hylafax can also receive faxes, but there is no simple way to map incoming
faxes to
SAP Office users.

regards gerhard 

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