How to obtain a License for 'SAP WAS on Linux and IBM DB2'

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A little while ago I had a similar question regarding WAS 6.20 on DB2. This
came on a DVD from a 2003 TechEd in the USA. The system name in this case
was TOR, indicating that IBM Toronto had been involved.

As one helpful soul on the list pointed out to me, the web page for TOR
activation had been withdrawn due to licensing issues. As a fact of the
matter IBM not only put a WS on this DVD but a full 4.70 R/3 Enterprise
system. I can not confirm this because I never got the thing started up - I
had tried to install it under SUSE 9.0. 

What kind of system is SI1?


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i'm looking for a license(rpm-package) for the 'SAP WAS on Linux and IBM
DB2' test-drive. 
There are only licenses for SIDs 'WAS' and 'LNX' on:

But none for 'SI1'! Is it true, that the test-drive is not supported anymore
or is there another evaluation-site!?

Thanks in advance

Lars Kunze

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