Problems installing R/3 Enterprise on Linux using SAP DB

balaji_ls balaji_ls at
Mon Feb 16 15:18:32 MET 2004

                  This is regarding SAP installation on linux.I have
attached the necesary log files.
      I am installing R/3 Enterprise on a RH2.1 Update 2.I have installed
java , set the display variable and have renamed the .jar files in my
<java_home>/jre/ext directory.I am not able to cross the DB user DB
instance screen.The SAP GUI first enables itself through the port
21212/3 and gets the data necasary and when it comes to the screen
mentioned above it is not taking in the values (ie. localhost 21212) and
exits by itself.I have gone through the log file to notice

17:59:48: Connecting to localhost:21212
2004.02.16 17:59:48: Connected to localhost:21212
2004.02.16 17:59:48: Connecting to localhost:21213
2004.02.16 17:59:48: Connected to localhost:21213

And at the last line of the same file

2004.02.16 18:00:57:
2004.02.16 18:00:57:
2004.02.16 18:01:01: Connecting to localhost:21212
2004.02.16 18:01:02: Not connected.
2004.02.16 18:01:02: Main window activated
2004.02.16 18:01:09: Connecting to localhost:21212
2004.02.16 18:01:09: Not connected.
2004.02.16 18:01:09: Main window activated

I have gone through the SAPInstFeedback pdf from but it
is not of much use.
I have called SAP Support India regarding this problem and Ms.Zakira has
asked me to type in a mail.
It would be nice if you can give me a solution for this problem at the


L S Balaji,
Linux Administrator,
DSRC Pvt Ltd,

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