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Wed Feb 11 15:58:43 MET 2004

Upgrade of SLES 7 / Oracle 8.1.7 to Oracle 9.2

Hi Michele,

I would suggest the following approach :

	- Make a complete backup of your box
	- do an update of the oracle DB ( may need to install the ibm java
1.31 package, install the right glibc )
	and to unset some of the environment variables.
	after succesful upgrade : copy /backup all needed files from your
SAP installation
	- /oracle (datafiles, executables, config ...) /home/<sid>adm ,
/usr/sap/<SID> , /etc 	
	- make a fresh install of SLES 8, dont forget to install the needed
saplocales, saposcol, susesapinit.rpm
	- restore the needed files from backup
By the way: there is no urgent need to upgrade from SLES 7 to SLES 8 - you
can use newer kernels with SLES 7 too. 

regards gerhard  

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