SAP WAS 6.10 Linux/SAP DB - Installation DB-Dump hangs after 53 %

Robert Girts robertgirts at
Mon Jun 30 14:48:13 MET DST 2003

Dear Members,

the Kernel-Parameters are set according to the installation-guide. The
Swap-Partition is the size of 1GB. All installation-steps go smoothly but
the installation of the DB-Dump hangs after approx. 7 hours of runtime with
the status-indication of 1 import completed with a rate of 53 %. File
KRNLDIAG.ERR reports an emergency-shutdown due to
"create_index/sysbuffer_overflow". I have tried numerous times. Here my

Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, 30GB Hard-Drive. SAP-DB-Version is 7.3,
Linux-Version is 8.1

Do you have any ideas ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !

Kind Regards

Robert Girts

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