What is the proper scaling of MAXUSERTASKS

Michael L. Delaney mdelaney at bitstock.com
Thu Jun 19 03:33:29 MET DST 2003

Can anyone out there tell me what the proper tuning procedure is for user sessions, cache, etc under RedHat 8.0?  As soon I up the MAXUSERTASKS my DB goes into an unknown state and I have to do a db_clear and set the parameter MAXUSERTASKS to under 300 and restart the DB again.

I need to run an independent  DB application that processes hundreds of JDBC pool connections in parallel and another database that runs the backend for a JSP based application that has 100's of browser users.

Please email any insight directly to my email.  mdelaney at bitstock.com

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Michael L.  Delaney
Chief Technology Officer
Bitstock, Inc.

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