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In addition to what Panos said, you can also rely on experienced Linux+SAP 
consultants firms... ;-))


Quoting Panos Platon Tsapralis <mysapwasonlinux at>:

> Hi Steve,
> you can get support for Linux-related issues from the vendor of your 
> distribution (e.g., REDHAT, SUSE). All of these Linux distributors offer 
> support packages of enterprise-level quality, similar & equivalent to 
> those relevant to traditional platforms (HP/UX, Solaris, AIX, etc.).
> In certain cases, you may also get support from the hardware vendor. For 
> example, I know that HP, Dell & IBM ship several models of their 
> Intel-based servers preloaded with enterprise-ready versions of various 
> Linux distributions and they usually offer a full range of support
> services.

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