sap install RedHat 8.0

ma br mabr at
Wed Jun 4 14:15:24 MET DST 2003

 I installed the 6.10 sap on a redhat 8.0.
 the installation ends with:
 16:19:30 starting SAP Application Server ...
 16:20:00 checking RFC destination ...
 16:20:51 could not connect SAP Instance at
 host fdzid-pcbrm2 with system number 18
 see log file /usr/sap/WAS/DVEBMGS18/work/startrfc.log
 Fehler: %post(sapbasis-6.10-1) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
 the startrfc.log is 
 Group       Error group 104
 Message     Error when generating text environment.
 on install i had one problem ... 
  is needed by sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1 is needed by sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1
 and ther is 9.6a installed and I traied with installing 9.6 as well.  the
 same result ... 
 so I installed with the option --nodeps.
 any idea what's wrong?

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