SAP 47 upgrade scenario on Linux

Bernard Accoce BACCOCE at
Mon Jun 2 22:58:17 MET DST 2003

I am looking for a scenario for a proper upgrade from SAP 46B/Oracle
805/Linux Redhat 6.1EE to SAP 47/Oracle 9.2/Linux Suse SLES 7......

Our Actual configuration :

SAP 46B HP 29

SAP Kernel 46B Patch 327 Linux Compilation 2.2.14-12SAP

Database : Oracle 8.0.5

OS : Linux RedHat 6.1 Entreprise Edition (kernel 2.2.12-45SAPsmp)

It seems that is was the 1st SAP configuration available for SAP on
Linux?and the performance are very poor. (memory limitations)

The idea it to reach the SAP 47 version withOracle 9.2 on Linux Suse SLES

1) Could we consider that changing from Redhat Linux version to the Suse
one is not part of an SAP OS/DB migration methodology ?

2) Any problem to upgrade first the SAP KERNEL 46B to 46D (normally
downward compatible with 4.6A/B/C)

3) Regarding the OSS note 156548 the following line in the LINUX matrix :



Does it mean the Oracle 9.2 with SAP KERNEL 4.6D is supported with any
LINUX version but containing the GLIBC 2.2.2 version ?

4) Is SAP give only support on Suse SLES x version since SAP 4.7, but still
Redhat 7.x could be installed ?

5) The idea is to keep the same hardware server (Compaq Proliant) but with
an hardware upgrade

6) we need to find the best scenario to upgrade from 46B to 47 (but with
Linux change from Redhat 61 EE to Suse SLES 7)

All input experience are welcome

Cdt / Rgds

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