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Fri Dec 26 16:18:10 MET 2003

Hi all,

About two weeks ago, I found R/3 Enterprise is ready to download at
http://service.sap.com/installations and fetched some files.

As I am totally new to install R/3, I unpacked couple of ZIP files
and found 51019649.ZIP "CD SAP R3E 4.70 SR1 SAPINST DB2/UDB" would
be the one to try on.

Then I have started the installer and it prompts me, "Kernel CD"
whilch I assume 51019670.ZIP "CD SAP R3E 4.70 SR1 Kernel DB2/USD

NOW, I have been tring to find 51019670.ZIP at service.sap.com but I
can't. Actually, the files I have downloaded has disappeared from the

Can you tell me what is going on at /installations ??
How could I retrive the "Kernel CD" ??

yutaka <list at yk.tp>

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