SapGUI 6.30rev2 for java on SuSe8.2 problems

Klocok Branislav branislav.klocok at
Thu Dec 18 17:57:38 MET 2003

Dear friends,

Our company is right now upgrading SAP R/3 4.5B to 4.7, the server is 
running on Win NT (the new one will be Win2000 or something like that). 
Approx. 50 of our local PC are running Linux (SuSe 8.2) and SapGUI 6.20 
for Java. (1.4.1).
When we have tried to install SapGUI 6.30 for Java everything went ok, 
the only problem was when I was trying to connect to our present server 
in the login window there were no fields for login and passwd.....

Has anybody any idea?


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