print in sap gui in linux

sonjaya at sonjaya at
Tue Dec 16 17:08:21 MET 2003

hi there
 i try use linux workstation for sap client ( sap Gui ) but until now
there is problem  in printing , why sap gui in linux  workstation can not
print directly like microsoft base , because until now i use lpd  for
printered in linux workstation but in server sap must be set 1 by 1 ,
imagen if use 200 pc with linux works so i must set 200 printer in server
sap .it's not good , it is wasting time .
why i ask this , because my company want press the budget for implemantion
 sap , in sap server and aplication we cannot press the budget , but in
sap client can do that with use linux  so cost for licensi we can press .
if sap can do that , i sure in my country ( indonesia ) will be use sap .


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