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you need to patch the Kernel CD to import/install SAP with Oracle 8.1.7 or Oracle 9.2 - see note 575308.

Why not install directly with Oracle 9.2 and get all advantages like LMTS? SLES8 supports Oracle 9 as far as I know. To install with Oracle 9.2 a similar note exists for import/install with Oracle 9.2.


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In my compagny we are planning to upgrade our R/3 46B system to SAP
Entreprise. It's nowadays running on Linux Redhat 6.1 and Oracle 8.0.5 on
Compaq Proliant ML530 ( 2GB RAM, 2 X Xeon 800 ). We want to migrate to Suse
Linux Entreprise Server 8 and also to Oracle 8.1.7 in the first time,
and Oracle 9.1 in the second time ( SLES8 support only Oracle > 8.1.7 ).

We thing that we must do an heteregeneous copy; Is it the good solution ?

We have start the migration (TEST!) with these steps:
1 - Install SLES 8 on our server Test
2 - Export the database with the migration tools:
----> Install the export tools on the DEV server ( cd <INSTDIR>;
----> Run the DB export on the DEV server ( ./R3SETUP -f DBEXPORT.R3S -t
3 - Copy the files to the TEST server
4 - Import the database with the migration tools:
----> Install the tools on the DEV server ( cd <INSTDIR>;
----> Run the DB import on the TST server ( ./R3SETUP -f CEDBMIG.R3S - t
At this step begin the problems because the choises in the script for the
database are only 8.0.5 - 8.0.6 and 8.1.6 !
SLES8 is not supported with version < 8.1.7 !

I would appreciate very much any experiences, oppinions or advices in this


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