Probs WAS 6.10+SAPDB testdrive - libraries?

Werner Flamme werner.flamme at
Fri Dec 12 09:24:42 MET 2003

Hello out there in the space ;-)

yesterday I tried to install the WAS 6.10+SAPDB testdrive on my PC (SuSE 9.0).
When installing the sapappsrv rpm, I was told that,, and were missing in my system. I copied those
libs into /usr/local/lib (which has an entry in /etc/ and called
ldconfig. But still ... well, I used --nodeps then. BTW, my system has,, and installed.

At the end of the installation, I read:
17:48:01 preparing SAP System initialization ...
17:53:00 database WAS ready for SAP System initialization
17:53:02 checking SAP license ...
17:53:05 starting SAP Application Server ...
17:53:35 checking RFC destination ...
17:54:26 could not connect SAP Instance at
host rz36 with system number 18
see log file /usr/sap/WAS/DVEBMGS18/work/startrfc.log
Fehler: %post(sapbasis-6.10-1) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
and the log file tells me that port 3318 was not open. As far as I can see
(nmap), there are no xx18 ports open at all. 8-(

Is this caused by the libraries? What can I do to get my installation going?

I had a similar fault on my laptop, but 3618 runs there... but neither 3218
nor 3318 nor 4818.

TIA for your help!


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