License problem when installing SAP WAS on Linux and IBM DB2

Alexander Kerwien alexander.kerwien at
Wed Dec 10 21:44:37 MET 2003


I installed SAP Web Application Server on Linux and IBM DB2 (Test Drive) on
Suse 7.3 and came across a problem which was mentioned in this list a couple
of times, but unfortunately I did not find a solution to the problem in the
mailing list archive.

Everything during the installation works fine, but when I start the
installation of the database files with the command:
> rpm -ivh sapbasis-6.10-1.noarch.rpm
it brings up an error message:
> 13:21:30 Creating password file
> 13:21:30 Creating the DB2 Administration Server
> 13:21:31 Starting the DB2 Administration Server
> 13:21:35 Starting the DB2 Database Manager
> failed with output:
> SQL8000N  DB2START processing failed; a valid product license was not
> execution of sapbasis-6.10-1 script failed, exit status 1

In the step before I installed the SAP license rpm-file theat I received
from and it seemed to
install properly. 

I am unsure whether the error message means the SAP license or if an
additional IBM DB2 product license is required?

Who had the same problem and did find a solution?


p.s. the installation of SAP Web Application Server on Linux and SAP DB on a
similar configuration works fine.

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Alexander Kerwien
Senior Security Consultant
alexander.kerwien at

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