Problem connecting external databases

Wed Dec 10 09:23:12 MET 2003


I was a little busy so I couldn't answer, yes we have a problem with 
the .WORLD, we created a tnsnames-call ORAFUSIO.WORLD
with a line/reference to GLOBAL_NAME now is like this:

      (GLOBAL_NAME = ORAFUSIO.WORLD) <- I think this is the line that 
make the magic

and it connect!! The files tnsnames.ora and listener.ora were almost 
unique, thanks a lot Adrian for the suggestions. Now
we have two other problems: one is this relate with the message:

ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified
ORA-02063: preceding line from ORAFUSIO

when we make the database link and try to connect, other is the DBA/SAP 
Administrator isn't very fun to give user and
password of SAP/ORACLE, maybe with some beer... anyway at least now we 
could connect and use server manager (I don't know
why sqlplus command crash when is called) and query the table we need. 
And even now tnsping works properly.

In the other hand, Jim, it isn't necessary the SID, there is a 
SERVICE_NAME and (this what Oracle said) it's more 
recommendable use this one that the other. Thanks anyway.

Thanks everybody.

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