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Tue Apr 22 10:25:51 MET DST 2003

On Tue, 22 Apr 2003 10:10:35 +0200
"Rinnert, Wolfgang" <wolfgang.rinnert at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have Javagui 6.2r8 working with IBM Java 1.3.1 flawlessly.
> I tried Sun Java 1.4.0 when it appeared (with Javagui 6.2rn, n << 8), and it
> did not work.
> SAP recommended to use IBM.

My trouble with any java machine was following:

* my primary locale is ru_RU.UTF-8, but for russian users SAP provide only ru_RU.ISO8859-5 and ru_RU.CP1251 (1500 and 1504 sap codepages). Because of it I modified 'saplogon' script to remove line 'unset LANG' and setting LANG=ru_RU.ISO8859-5.
This scheme worked OK on all jvm and sapgui's on my previous linux system, but on the new distribution I have system without some functionality in mouse selection (tree control was failed, IMG didn't select any items, etc).

* I start to search difference between systems: glibc, jvms, kernels; seek strace dump, but I was failed at all.

* Reason of trouble -- line 'unset LANG'. After I didn't remove it (and using SAP_CODEPAGE instead of it) my sapgui worked OK (tree control functionality good now).

But for me sun jvm is the best: 
1) IBMJava2-13 and 2-14 frequently "freeze" sapgui
2) IBMJava sometimes lost input focus
3) IBMJava sometimes screw fonts.

But my favorite is sapgui-40B-2.rpm, native client. Very fast, very usable (but with some bugs, too ;-) ).
It is very bad than SAP doesn't support it:
1) Java version of sapgui is not crossplatform (any java package containt precompiled libraries for this platform)
2) java gui very slow (in general) and have it's own fonts (not using xfs as central font server)
3) Now linux have qt/kde, and motiff is old good candidate too.

But last two topics is IMHO, very IMHO.

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