6.10 Test drive installation hang-up

"Döhr, Markus Hermeskeil" Markus.Doehr at siegenia-aubi.com
Sat Apr 19 14:01:43 MET DST 2003

> i have been trying to install sapbasis part of the 6.10 test 
> drive on my Linux server (SuSE 8.1, 256mb RAM) and it simply 
> hangs up at various points of the process.  The DB2 rpm's 
> install as well as the central instance and license.  I've 
> been able to get as far as the database load sometimes, other 
> times it hangs up during the database build.  I'm not sure 
> that the problem is environmental as I will run 'top' while 
> the installation runs and it never appears to exhaust 
> available memory.  The system will simply hang and the Caps 
> Lock and Num Lock LED's will be flashing.  Available logs do 
> not indicate any error message, although there may be logs 
> buried somewhere that I have not found yet.

Without the logs of R3SETUP* and/or the most recent logs from you
installation directory it's almost impossible to give you a hint...


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