problem with ODBC (iODBC Manager) on Suse Linux 8.1

James Ralston jralston at
Wed Apr 16 18:53:41 MET DST 2003


I have SAPdb 7.3 installed and running quite nicely on SuSE 8.1. We are able
to access the database via ADO/ODBC from Windows clients and we are able to
administer and query it through SQL Studio, Database Manager and the Web
Interface from Windows and through the Web Interface on the server machine
without any trouble at all.

I am trying to get my ODBC drivers running through iODBC Manager and I have
getting the following error:

>odbctest DSN=SAPdbODBC

My ODBC.ini entry looks like this:

Driver = /opt/sapdb/interfaces/odbc/lib/
Description = SAPdbODBC Driver
Server = localhost
Port =
Password = TST
Database = TEST
Option = 3
Socket =

So far iODBC Manager works with MySQL just fine, so it's definitely a
problem with my local connection to SAPdb through ODBC. Am I using the right
driver? How can I check?I really need to get this thing working quickly, so
if anyone can offer some guidance, I'd appreciate it.



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