PlainHtmlHttp on United Linux 1.0

Hayo Schmidt strato at
Wed Apr 16 18:18:04 MET DST 2003

I have installed PlainHtmlHelp on an Apache Webserver 1.3.26 on a
UnitedLinux 1.0 system. Other software is Web Application Server 6.10
and SAPGUI for Java 6.20r8.
Calling SAP Library help works on Windows system with SAPGUI for Java as
well as normal SAPGUI. Both are using the settings for platform "WN32",
omitting "JAVA" settings. The _LINUX_  _JAVA_ GUI uses the settings for
_OSF MOTIF_ ("MF"), which is strange enough.

Here are the settings:
SAP-Bibliothek Http 3  |  MF |   IWBHELP | |
saphelp/helpdata  |  DE.

But: When i call help all i see is "Browser wurde gestartet. Bitte
warten ..." (Browser was started. Please wait ...).  I am still waiting!

It seems SAPGUI cannot find the default browser. WHAT DO I HAVE TO

Hayo Schmidt

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