sapgui-40B-2.rpm and PlatinGUI for Java

Axel Braun axel.braun at
Tue Apr 15 18:15:28 MET DST 2003

Hallo Ilya,

** Reply to message from Ilya Kuznecov <kuznecov at> on Tue, 15 Apr
2003 15:06:01 +0500

> 1. Is good old sapgui-40B-2.rpm was last linux native client?


> 2. By using PlatinGUI 6.2 (java version) with j2se1.4-blackdown java machine (good choice for linux) 
> some functionality is missing (tranz.SPRO -> F5 -> click on any line causes
> error HI 103 "locate cursor correctly").
> Does anybody using java 1.4 (from SUN) with sapgui?

Works fine with Sun 1.4.1_02

But I found that with this Java version the german Umlauts (ä, ü, ...) got lost
on OSS.
I dont think that this is a Java issue (as this mailer is a java-program, which
works fine), but an issue of the GUI (6.2r8). Can anyone confirm this?

> 3. All version of PlatinGUI for java doesn't move up and down on modifying
> source code ABAP/4-programms (tranz.SE38->F6).

Dont know what you mean by probs here


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