Deleting a license - No logon possible

Sérgio Henrique de Souza Oliveira sergio.oliveira at
Mon Apr 14 19:54:03 MET DST 2003

    When trying to logon to SAP WAS (the Test Drive), I get the "No
logon possible (no hw ID received my mssg server)" error message.
    We had no hardware change, even thought we had some configuration
changes. The server was running inside a lan receinving a IP by dhcp
(from an ADSL router), and now it has a static web ip.
    After configuring the new web connection, the WAS started OK, the
SAP GUI can find the system, but when I try to login with user
DEVELOPER, I just get that error message. I can still login with SAP*
(kinda useless now)
    I think that maybe if I remove my current license, and re-install a
new one, it will get to work. But the rpm -e saplicense-sapdb command
(as root) does not seems to work. It doesn't give me any error message,
but when I login with SAP* and enter the SLICENSE transaction, the
license is still there (plus a TEMPORARY LICENSE I mistakenly installed
    Is there a way to manually remove the licenses? (by deleting some
files maybe)
    That's it for now. Thanks very much!
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