sapgui-40B-2.rpm and PlatinGUI for Java

Ilya Kuznecov kuznecov at
Tue Apr 15 12:06:01 MET DST 2003


1. Is good old sapgui-40B-2.rpm was last linux native client?
2. By using PlatinGUI 6.2 (java version) with j2se1.4-blackdown java machine (good choice for linux) 
some functionality is missing (tranz.SPRO -> F5 -> click on any line causes error HI 103 "locate cursor correctly").
Does anybody using java 1.4 (from SUN) with sapgui?
3. All version of PlatinGUI for java doesn't move up and down on modifying source code ABAP/4-programms (tranz.SE38->F6).

My system: kernel-2.4.20, rpm-based distro, ru_RU.ISO8859-5 locale.

Can anybody help me?
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