AW: AW: mySAP WAS TestDrive installation has failed...

My_SAPWAS_On_Linux mysapwasonlinux at
Sun Apr 13 13:34:40 MET DST 2003

Frank, thank you (as well as Uwe, Patrick and everybody else in this 
mailing list) for taking the time to help me with my problem.

Although I thoroughlly applied every advice offered, I was not able to 
complete the installation in RH8 (the symptom remains the same...).

So, I followed another path: I created a separate Red Hat, Ver.7.1, 
partition on my hard disk drive (with only the necessary software 
installed - this is where I am sending this message from right now), 
into which the mySAP WAS TestDrive installed flawlessly.

For the time being, I'm O.K. with this setup and I can proceed to my 
regular SAP-related work. Later on, I will repeat my effort to install 
on RH8 and I will then let you know how I do.

Regards & Thanks to everybody,

frank.schilling at wrote:
> Hello Panos,
> please check the kernel parameter "shmmax" for example by using
> the following command:
>   cat /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
> The result you should be at least 1073741824 (1 GB)...
> Greetings from SAP LinuxLab - Frank Schilling

Panos Platon Tsapralis,
SAP-R/3 specialist, ABAP/4 developer,
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Mozilla Mail Handler on Red Hat Linux 7.1 (SeaWolf),
Athens, GREECE,
cell-phone: +306946462857,
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