AW: AW: mySAP WAS TestDrive installation has failed...

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Fri Apr 11 09:01:28 MET DST 2003

Can you also post the contents of your host file and a netstat -an |
grep LISTEN? You probably set things up correctly, but I had a similar
issue that came down to the contents of my hosts file..

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Dear all,

The installation of SAP WAS TestDrive on Red Hat 8.0 still fails, 
allthough I have modified my hostname to a value shorter than eight 
characters ("panos").

The symptom is:

checking RFC destination...
could not connect SAP instance at host panos with system number 18 see
logfile /usr/sap/WAS/DVEBMGS18/work/startrfc.log
error:%post(sapbasis-6.10.1) scriptlet failed, error status 1

I get this message right after the database gets populated with its 
content. The logfile "startrfc.log" says:

RFC Call/Exception: open
Group       Error group 102
Message     Connect to SAP gateway failed
Connect_PM  GWHOST=panos, GWSERV=sapgw18, ASHOST=panos, SYSNR=18

LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host
ERROR       partner not reached (host panos, service 3318)

TIME        Thu Apr 10 13:12:51 2003
RELEASE     610
COMPONENT   NI (network interface)
VERSION     35
RC          -10
MODULE      niuxi.c
LINE        1001
DETAIL      NiPConnect
ERRNO       111
ERRNO TEXT  Connection refused

I have also observed the following:

Right after the failure, the usual 'ms', 'co', 'es'-type processes 
appear in 'ps -ef', but no 'dw', and, if I issue 'stopsap/startsap' 
commands (they appear to execute normally), a line gets written into the

file 'startsap_...log', that says that the 'dw'-type child process has 
terminated with status 0.

I am attaching the 'startsap...log' file, as a reference for those who 
might want to take a look.

Any ideas on how to fix this, anybody?


SAP DB wrote:

>Yeah, it sounds strange.
>But there is a SAPNOTE about it.
>I have no access to the OSS so I could not provide you
>with the right number of this SAPNOTE.
>To resume the installation after changing the hostname will not help 
>because the installation logfile has the old name (as the hostname) in 
>it and the installation program (r3setup) will try to connect host via 
>the no more existing hostname and will fail.
>And it is the best thing to remove all
>by erasing the rpm-packages
>mentioned in o) of the file "install" on the first CD.
>Good luck.
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>Uwe Wortmann wrote:
>>There are three possible faults:
>>1. the hostname panosplaton is too long (you must not use more than 
>>2. the hostname panosplaton is not mentioned in /etc/hosts
>>3. there is no entry or more than one in /etc/services for the port
>>it should be: sapgw18  3318/tcp
>>The first fault is the most possible to produce the described error.
>>I hope this will help you.
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>>An: linux.general
>>Betreff: mySAP WAS TestDrive installation has failed...
>>My installation of mySAP Technology TestDrive (SAP Web Application 
>>Server on Linux) has failed while installing the "sapbasis" RPM 
>>package, returning the following message:
>>checking RFC destination...
>>could not connect SAP instance at host panosplaton with system number 
>>18 see logfile /usr/sap/WAS/DVEBMGS18/work/startrfc.log
>>error:%post(sapbasis-6.10.1) scriptlet failed, error status 1
>>I am attaching the logfile, mentioned above, to this message.
>>Can you, please, help me resolve this? I have thoroughlly applied all 
>>instructions of the installation document, so, I can't understand what

>>I am missing or doing wrong...
>>Panos Platon Tsapralis.
>Uwe, thanks for the reply. However, the host name being longer than 8 
>characters sounds strange to me ('localhost' is also longer than 8 
>chars). Anyway, I am giving it a try by replacing my host name with a 
>shorter one. Do you know whether there is any way to resume the 
>installation from the point where it has failed (or do I have to remove

>& reinstall the various components)?
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