SAP WAS 6.10 Test Drive on Red Hat Linux 8.0?

Panos Platon Tsapralis mysapwasonlinux at
Thu Apr 10 14:52:37 MET DST 2003

Declan, can you, please, tell me which version of the 'openssl' package 
is installed on your system (the one that runs WAS)?

When I type:

rpm -qa | fgrep 'ssl'

in my system, I get:


Is it possible that this status affects my installation attempt 


Declan McArdle wrote:

> Worked fine for me.  Yes, you'll have some dependencies which you can 
> resolve by looking at the archives for this mailing list and looking 
> carefully at the extra files SAP supply on their web site (libC++ 
> something comes to mind).
> Make sure you don't have anything running on port 3218/3318/3618 
> before you try and start SAP.
> mysapwasonlinux at wrote:
>> Hello fellows,
>> I am in the process of installing " Technology TestDrive - 
>> SAP Web Application Server 6.10" on my new Red Hat Linux (Ver.8.0 - 
>> Psyche) system.
>> I have already encountered some failing dependencies issues 
>> (libcrypto, libssl, etc.), which I believe that I have successfully 
>> taken care of by applying some advice, that I found while searching 
>> into the archives of this mailing list.
>> I would like to know whether anybody else out there has been 
>> successful in installing this test-drive on Red Hat 8.0. Are there 
>> any hints or issues that I should watch for?
>> Regards,
>> Panos Platon Tsapralis.
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