AW: mySAP WAS TestDrive installation has failed...

Panos Platon Tsapralis mysapwasonlinux at
Thu Apr 10 13:09:16 MET DST 2003

Uwe Wortmann wrote:

>There are three possible faults:
>1. the hostname panosplaton is too long (you must not use more than eight
>2. the hostname panosplaton is not mentioned in /etc/hosts
>3. there is no entry or more than one in /etc/services for the port 3318:
>it should be: sapgw18  3318/tcp
>The first fault is the most possible to produce the described error.
>I hope this will help you.
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>Betreff: mySAP WAS TestDrive installation has failed...
>My installation of mySAP Technology TestDrive (SAP Web Application
>Server on Linux) has failed while installing the "sapbasis" RPM package,
>returning the following message:
>checking RFC destination...
>could not connect SAP instance at host panosplaton with system number 18
>see logfile /usr/sap/WAS/DVEBMGS18/work/startrfc.log
>error:%post(sapbasis-6.10.1) scriptlet failed, error status 1
>I am attaching the logfile, mentioned above, to this message.
>Can you, please, help me resolve this? I have thoroughlly applied all
>instructions of the installation document, so, I can't understand what I
>am missing or doing wrong...
>Panos Platon Tsapralis.
Uwe, thanks for the reply. However, the host name being longer than 8 
characters sounds strange to me ('localhost' is also longer than 8 
chars). Anyway, I am giving it a try by replacing my host name with a 
shorter one. Do you know whether there is any way to resume the 
installation from the point where it has failed (or do I have to remove 
& reinstall the various components)?


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