Help on ITS 6.20

Torsten.Engers at Torsten.Engers at
Wed Sep 25 22:01:32 MET DST 2002

Hello Arno,

that was quite helpful. The system is operating and reachable now.

I guess the linker switch LDFLAGS="-lstdc++" was the crucial advice.

> This is a known problem and is fixed in the next patch. 1.3.26 is a good 
> choice, but if you compile it manually please remember to set the 
> correct switches (see also note 552191). The current version has a 
> problem with standard apache installations. This is also fixed in the 
> next patch  that will be available shortly.
> For the moment it is important to build your apache with 
> LDFLAGS="-lstdc++" like this:
> CFLAGS="-pthread -DEAPI" OPTIM="-O2" LDFLAGS="-lstdc++" ./configure 
> --prefix=<your installation path> --enable-module=so

Thanks again to everybody taking care for the problem.



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