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I have got ITS 6.20 running on RH 7.3. I needed to download, configure,
build and install apache-1.3.26 (apache-1.3.23 was installed with RH 7.3). I
had to then re-install ITS 6.20 after apache-1.3.26 was successfully
installed ... I think this sequence is important because the ITS install
needs to modify the apache-1.3.26 httpd.conf ...   

Please note that I had to run the following command during the configure
step to ensure adequate support for 'so'. I also had to use a different tool
"/usr/apache-1.3.26/bin/apachectl start" rather than "service httpd start"
to start apache.

	./configure --prefix=/usr/apache-1.3.26 --enable-module=so

It seems that the "../scripts/wgate/webgui/!" is registered by WGate
( when it is loaded by apache. The path specification is in
<its-install>/config/ ItsRegistryWGATE.xml (section:

Hope this gives you what you need. 
My httpd.conf is also enclosed for your reference.


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Hello everybody,

I am trying to get an ITS 6.20 (current release 10001237) running on my
LinuX box 
(SuSe LinuX 7.3). 

The box is already running the WAS test installation 6.10 quite
successfully. Now I 
would like to have the AGate and WGate running on this machine as well (the 
hardware should do for test purposes).

Therefore I installed apache 1.3.26 with EAPI support. The installation
routine of ITS 
installed everything nearly perfect (despite the fact that it placed the
command in httpd.conf in an IF clause for SSL - that point has been
discussed here 
The apache server can be started without errors. Standard WEB pages can be 

However, I am not able to get a connection to the WEBGUI. The URL suggestion
the installation guide < http://myServer/scripts/WGate/webgui/! > seems to
be not a 
proper example for a standard apache and ITS installation ('scripts' does
not seem to 
exist, 'WGate' does not seem to be a valid module.

So can somebody help me in this case?
- can somebody post a httpd.conf from a working ITS 6.20 installation plus a
URL for connecting to the WEBGUI
- are there any further customizings (within SAP or within apache), which
might be 
helpful for connecting to the ITS WGate?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,
Torsten Engers

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