WAS 6.1 Test Drive license key question

htamas2 at attbi.com htamas2 at attbi.com
Sat Sep 21 00:47:59 MET DST 2002

Is it somehow possible to get rid of / circumvent the 
repeated 90-days expiration of the license key? Anyone 
knows a way?

Now before folks get all upset about me asking such a 
question and trying to 'hack' the Test Drive, let me 
explain the reason:
I don't have any problem with renew the license key when 
it expires - just that I already have the Linux Test 
Drive installed and running at home, and I don't want to 
get into a situation that one day, SAP decides to pull 
the plug on the license key request process and I'll be 
left with a useless system. I don't need anything else 
just the Web AS functionality, and would even consider 
paying for a non-expiring license (a reasonable, rather 
nominal fee), but that is not available.

How long does SAP plan to keep the license renewal 
available anyway?

Thanks for all input :-)

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