WAS SAPDB Directions

Sérgio Henrique de Souza Oliveira sergio.oliveira at fhconsultoria.com.br
Wed Sep 18 00:46:59 MET DST 2002


	I installed WAS 6.10 Test drive for Linux. Now I'm trying to
look inside the SAPDB software that was installed together with WAS.

	I already have the passwords for users SUPERDBA and CONTROL.
	I downloaded the Database Manager and SQL Studio from sapdb.org.

	But I can't connect to the SQL Studio using the user CONTROL.
With user SUPERDBA, I can connect, but I see only a few bunch of tables.
Not the 7700+ that transaction DB02 shows me.

	I have created some Z* tables using SE11, but I can't see them
on SQL Studio. Is this possible?

	I can log in with Database Manager with both users, but it was
not very helpful. I tried to create another user, but I can't use SQL
Studio with it too.

	Thank you very much for the help

	Best regards


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