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Sérgio Henrique de Souza Oliveira sergio.oliveira at
Tue Sep 17 20:27:33 MET DST 2002

	You have the .SAR file I guess.

	I also searched for a SAPInst program. In vain...

	I had to use transaction SAINT, inside SAP, to "upload" this
.SAR file (don't mind about the warning message "File too big" when you
try to upload it from the workstation. It worked better for me than
reading it from the application server.)

	Then you go to some path inside linux (the same Linux running
SAP) like "usr/sap/trans/EPS/in/its/UNIX/LINUX_32", and run the INSTALL
file from there. When you find this directory structure and this file,
you can start following the SAP at Web Installation Guide 6.20.pdf, which
tells you to find this file on a CD or something, and says nothing about
transaction SAINT...

	That's it.

	Remember to configure your Apache with something like this
before installing it:

	./configure --prefix=/usr/apache-1.3.26 --enable-module=so

	this "--enable-module=so" option solved a lot of problems for

	Best regards.


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I would like to install ITS 6.20 on Linux. I have downloaded the =
<> , but it seems I also need
"SAP Install (sapinst)" software.=20

Does anyone know where can I download this from? Or do I need to =
request the

SAP ITS CD's which presumably come with the 'sapinst' software. If so, =
and where do I request this?=20

Thanks in advance.=20


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