Help configuring SAP R/3: transaction SM59

Hauke Fath hf at
Tue Sep 17 13:11:30 MET DST 2002

Am 16.09.2002 um 15:39 Uhr -0400 schrub David Hull:
>There is an SMTP Connector for most versions of R/3 which requires sendmail
>on the UNIX box (probably there already).  We're using it in 4.6B right now.

Yep. Same with 4.0 here -- the smtp gateway need not even be on the 
same machine since it connects to the R/3 server via RFC. Our setup 
has an NT based R/3 server and a gateway host running NetBSD/i386.

What you get as 'SMTP connector' are two plain jane binaries that you 
have to teach your MTA to use. This is simple with Sendmail once you 
get the knack (the SAP person who wrote up the manual clearly did 
not...) and should be feasible for other MTAs like qmail or postfix, 
too -- although for a null client you are set with five lines of 


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