Help configuring SAP R/3: transaction SM59

Oliver Butanowitz Oliver.Butanowitz at
Tue Sep 17 08:16:13 MET DST 2002

Hi all,

we use the sap smtp gateway (mlunxsnd) in combination with qmail,
there's no problem with. (Qmail has a sendmail emulation which works 
fine). You can find this programs on sapserv3 /general/misc/smtp i think.
This programm connects as RFC Server to the R/3 System, you only have to 
configure SAP (TA SCOT) to use this RFC Destination for outgoing Internet 
mail. You also have to schedule a job to start the mailtransfer from R/3.

Also incoming mail (SMTP from Extern to SAP) works with qmail and a small
script which pipes the incoming mail to mlsomail without any problems.


On Monday, 16. September 2002 17:03, you wrote:
> Hi, my name is Andrea Setti from ICT One s.r.l.
> we are experiencing troubles configuring transaction SM59 for using a MTA
> (Mail Transfert Agent) with our SAP R/3 4.6C system.
> We have successfully installed SAP on Compaq server with Linux SuSE 8.0
> Professional and Oracle. Our company has a MTA installed on the
> internet-gateway running Qmail on Linux SuSE 7.3 on another host.
> How can we configure the system to send emails through the MTA?
> Thank you in advance for your help, greetings.
> Andrea Setti, BSc  - Business Computer Technology
>         IT Consultant for ICT One s.r.l.
>              Reggio Emilia - ITALY

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