Installation SAP Library on Suse 8.0

Steffen Schweiker steffen.schweiker at
Sat Sep 14 13:47:11 MET DST 2002

Hello SAP-fans,

I tried to install the SAP Library 6.10 and 4.6C on Suse 8.0 with no success.

The error message (popup) appears about 15 minutes after giving the 
destination directory in the  first steps of programm "install". The message  
is similar like following:

	- Did you choose the correct archive file?
	- Do you have enough hard disk space or physical memory?

During the installation process there is nearly no swap space in use. CPU load 
and Physical Memory is nearly 100%. During other activities when working with 
Suse8 the swap space is in use. This tells me there is no error in 
configuration. By the way: SAP WAS 6.10 test-drive works fine with no 

My hardware:
Memory		640MB
swap space:	2 x 1GB
/			1,7 GB free
/usr/sap		4,5 GB free for SAP Library Destination Directory

May be I have something wrong in configuration of Swap Memory or Harddisk 
space is not enough?

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks a lot for answer.

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