Am I trying to do the impossible?

Frank Schilling frank.schilling at
Mon Sep 9 10:55:11 MET DST 2002

Hello James,

the WAS test-drive was developed for Red Hat Linux 7.1. 
Unfortunately Red Hat Linux 7.3 won't work without problems.
However, you can resume with the installation if you go
step by step through the following points:

1) libdb-3.1: 
   Install "db3x-3.2.9-4.i386.rpm", which can be found
   on the second installation CD of your Red Hat distribution.

   Install "sgcc-libstdcxx-2.95.2-SAP2.i386.rpm", which is
   located in the gcc directory of the WAS test-drive CD1. 

3) Now you should repeat the command
   "rpm -ivh sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1.i386.rpm"
   and receive the following list of errors:

   error: failed dependencies:
 is needed by sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1
 is needed by sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1 

   Otherwise you have to install all other missing packages first,
   until you have reduced the failed dependencies to the
   expected list.

4)  and
   This problem is caused by differences between Red Hat and SuSE
   Linux regarding the package "openssl-0.9.6*". 
   Make sure that the package "openssl-0.9.6*" is installed:

   rpm -qa | grep openssl

5) If the points 1) to 4) are fulfilled you can ignore the
   error message and resume via

   rpm -ivh --nodeps sapappsrv-sapdb-6.10-1.i386.rpm"    

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James Ralston wrote:
> I'm brand new to Linux and SAPdb and I am having no luck getting it running
> on Red Hat 7.3. It now appears form reading this list a little bit that
> SAPdb won't run on this version. Is that true?
> Thanks,
> James
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