ITS & cyrillic, more

Dmitry Melekhov dm at
Wed Sep 4 10:35:16 MET DST 2002

Arno Esser wrote:
> Hi Dmitry,


> Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
>> btw, where is configuration for instance, i.e. R/3 system name, etc..
> As it was before: <VITS>/services/global.srvc. What else are you looking 
> for?

Thank you!

Really, I'm newbie with ITS,
But, anyway, ITS has problems with cyrillic support :-(
As I wrote here, all settings are for Windows-1251(1504),
but it really works in iso-8859-5(1500).
Certanly, windows-1251 is better.

> Regards
> Arno
>> Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I found that problem is simple- ITS returns data in iso-8859-5,
>>> but it sets in HTTP header charset windows-1251.
>>> iso5 is not widely used charset, but most of browsers understand it.
>>> Interesting thing is how to change charset in http header.
>>> In case of Tomcat I did this with filter...
>>> Hope that ITS is compatible with Russian Apache,
>>> I'll try it.
>>> But may be there is configuration option for ITS?

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