User DEVELOPER does not work

Frank Schilling frank.schilling at
Tue Sep 3 16:06:46 MET DST 2002

Hello Alexander,

strange problem...
What is the complete result from "saplicense -show"?

Have you also tried to log on in English?

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Alexander Kerwien wrote:
> Hi,
> after installing the SAP Web Application Server TestDrive on linux I created
> the user DEVELOPER in SU01 as described in the file INSTALL on the CD. But
> when I try to log on whis this user it tells me "Logon Refused (valid
> license not installed)"!?
> Creating an other user e.g. called "TESTUSER" results in the same
> errormessage.
> But I installed the license (RPM-file) which I got per mail from SAP. And
> saplicense -show tells me that the license is useable and that it expires at
> 2002-09-23?!
> What's wrong? Why does the user DEVELOPER not work?
> Best Regards,
> Alexander Kerwien
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