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> > Hello!
> >
> > Suse just released glibc update for SLES7.
> > Can I install it on R/3 servers?
> No. It has not yet fully passed certification at the SAP LinuxLab, though
> will of course happen soon and I expect there will be no trouble, as no
> functionality has been touched. Because it is a security update, it was
> released as soon as possible.

Thank you!

> As SAP systems are - for many reasons - very likely running in a trusted
> network behind a firewall, the direct security impact for SAP customers is
> limited.
> Please wait for the SAP LinuxLab to certify kernel and glibc updates
> installing them.

Hmm, I never readed glibc certification news here.
Really, SLES7 had glibc update before and I installed it (this time I
decided to ask ;-) ),
but there was no info about certification yet .
Security update for glibc (19. Dec 2001)

btw , which components are certified? I guess kernel & glibc?

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