Zapp zapp_som at
Mon Nov 25 13:52:16 MET 2002

Dear Experts

I am trying to install Test WAS 610 on SuSE 8.1

I have gone through the preperation (I am following
the Install document on the CD).

Created 8Gig space for WAS and SAPDB and mounted it on
/usr/sap and /opt/sapdb

When trying to install db server software as described
in step 4 with command :-

rpm -ivh sapdb-ind-

I get error as follows :-

"var/tmp/rpm-tmp.37561: 1:
/opt/sapdb/indep_prog/bin/dbmcli: Permission denied -
could not set independent data path:"

I have even given /opt/sapdb 777 permission but still
same error.

Can anyone help me ?

Many thanks in davance.


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